Suzy Responds to Kim Gura’s Statement about miss A’s Income Distribution

During the October 2 broadcast of JTBC’s “War of Words,Kim Gu Ra had made mention of miss A in a statement regarding the group’s distribution of earnings.

In response, Suzy personally took to her Twitter following the airing of the show to explain how the group distributes their income, in order to clear up any misunderstandings that may have been brought about by Kim Gu Ra’s words.

On October 3, the miss A member wrote, “It’s true that we divide [the income], but the proportions for commercials, dramas, and movies are a bit different. We made changes for other individual activities by dividing separately~ The broadcast seems to have stated 1/N (equal splitting). It was like that in the past, but it’s not anymore. I felt like I needed to point out things that are certain..since there’s been a lot of talk of this and that.”