Jessica’s Current Whereabouts Unknown after Parting with Girls’ Generation

Following Jessica’s departure from Girls’ Generation, her public relations agency has revealed that they have not been updated on her current whereabouts.

On October 3, a representative of the PR agency that worked with Jessica told Daily Sports, “As we only created the press release at the time, we are not aware at all where Jessica is, or what she is currently doing.”

The rep continued to emphasize, “We do not know of anything in relation to Jessica, Tyler Kwon, or any other inside information.”

Since the release of Jessica’s official statement to the public explaining her situation with regards to her position in Girls’ Generation on October 1, there have been no further updates on her current state or location. Various media outlets have continued to reach out to a number of sources in connection to Jessica in order to look into her whereabouts, but to no avail.