EXO’s D.O Creates Hilarious Remake of S.E.S “I’m Your Girl” MV

On the October 3 episode of “EXO 90:2014,” where EXO remakes music videos of ’90s Korean pop stars, EXO’s D.O unveiled his remake of S.E.S’ “I’m Your Girl” music video.

Before the video was shown, D.O explained, “The song lyrics are really obsessive.” In the short preview of the video that followed, D.O is shown getting shot by a stalker with a tranquilizer. D.O said, “If that was a real situation, I would have gone crazy.”

The music video reinterprets the song in a very comical way, with the combination of upbeat music and D.O’s numerous attempts at escaping his stalker.

Check out the original and D.O’s music video below.

S.E.S – “I’m Your Girl”

D.O – “I’m Your Girl”