“Modern Farmer” Band Name Incites Anger among EXO Fans

SBS’ upcoming weekend drama “Modern Farmer” has been getting flak from EXO fans.

The drama is about the comical episodes of a rock band that decides to move to the countryside and farm, starring FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki, Honey Lee, Lee Si Eon, Park Min Woo, and Kwak Dong Yeon.

EXO fans have raised their voices concerning the name of the rock band in the drama, “Excellent Souls,” which, when shortened in Korean, is ‘EXO’ (엑설런트 소울즈 -> 엑소). Fans have claimed that the drama is using the boy group’s name for publicity and noise marketing, as “Excellent Souls” has often been shortened to ‘EXO’ (엑소) in Korean news articles on “Modern Farmer.”

Many have posted saying that they can see right through what SBS is doing, asking the drama to change the name of the band, etc.

Meanwhile, “Modern Farmer” is set to air its first episode on October 11.

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