Park Hae Jin and Ma Dong Suk Buddy Up Behind-the-Scenes of “Bad Guys”

On October 4, the production team for OCN’s “Bad Guys” dropped some behind-the-scenes shots of actors Ma Dong Suk and Park Hae Jin taking a break between cuts, having broken out of their respective mobster and psychopath roles.

bad guys

The word is that the pair keeps the set crew on their toes, with their quick transitions between their playful, joking selves, to their violent criminal characters when the camera starts rolling.

Ma Dong Suk plays Park Woong Chul, a gangster with a quick punch notorious for having taken over Seoul in just 25 days. Park Hae Jin is Lee Jung Moon, a genius psychopath serial killer with an IQ of 160. In the drama, they are recruited by detective Oh Gu Tak (Kim Sang Joong) for their expertise in order to catch another criminal.

“Bad Guys” is set to air its first episode tonight (October 4) at 10 p.m. on OCN.

Also check out the stills below from the first episode:

bad guys 1