Movie “Whistle Blowers” Tops The Box Office Chart On The Day Of Its Release

The movie “Whistler Blowers” that stars actors Park Hae Il and Yoo Yeon Seok has topped the box office charts on the day of its release.

According to the Korean Film Council, on October 2, this movie received 177, 750 people. Adding to those who attended the premiere of the movie, 128,931 people have watched the movie.

There are two other movies that are currently fighting for the top spot, which are “Slow Video” that star Cha Tae Hyun and Nam Sang Mi, and “Scarlet Innocence” starring Jung Woo Sung and Lee Som. Critics say it is unclear whether “Whistle Blower” will remain in the top spot as these two other movies have been acquiring high expectations from the audiences as well.

“Whistle Blower” is about revealing the truth behind one of the rarest scientific discoveries Korea has ever made. It is based on the truth story of the disgraced scientist Dr. Hwang Woo Seok.