Shin Min Ah Reveals It Was Her Idea for Jo Jung Suk to Take Off His Pants in Movie “My Love, My Bride”

On the “Entertainment Weekly” that was aired on October 4, actress Shin Min Ah talked about how it was her own idea for fellow actor Jo Jung Suk to take off his pants in their recent movie “My Love, My Bride.”

When Kim Saeng Min kept asking her whether the two actors have ever met alone, she laughingly responded, “We never alone just the two of us. Our production representative was always tactlessly with us.”

On Jo Jung Suk taking his pants off, Shin Min Ah said, “People were surprised when I told them it was my idea. A lot of shows and gag shows did this as well. I thought it would be fun to have such scenes and that it would be cute. It was a risky thing to do but Jo Jung Suk did that really well.”

Shin Min Ah and Jo Jung Seok