GOT7's Jackson:

GOT7‘s Jackson opened up about his friendly feelings toward comedienne Lee Gook Joo on the latest episode of SBS’ “Roommate 2.”

As the members took turns introducing themselves, Lee Gook Joo expressed her worries: “I am gaining weight. Despite being busy, I am not losing weight,” and revealed she felt most curious about actor Seo Kang Joon. “From the beginning, I have been wondering what kind of a person he is,” she explained.

When it was Jackson’s time to greet his roommates, he surprised everyone by confessing: “I really liked Gook Joo noona, but I am disappointed. She doesn’t like me as much as I like her.”

Hearing this, Lee Gook Joo asked, “Is it because I didn’t want to share a room with you?” but Jackson pretended to be upset, and replied, “That’s enough,” while others could not help but laugh over the situation.

When asked to share his reason for liking Lee Gook Joo, Jackson replied while spreading his arms wide, “She reminds me of my mother.” Seeing this, the comedienne complained jokingly, “Why are you spreading your arms all the time? How much wider are you going to get?” 

“Roommate 2” airs on Sundays at 4:50 p.m.

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