Cha Seung Won Sued by Man Claiming to Be Cha No Ah’s Actual Father

Actor Cha Seung Won has been caught up in a controversy regarding the paternity of his son, Cha No Ah.

Media outlet Channel A reported on October 5, “It has been confirmed that a man claiming to be the real father of Cha Seung Won’s son, Cha No Ah, filed a lawsuit for compensation against Cha Seung Won and his wife in July at the Seoul Central District Court.”

According to the report, the man claims Cha No Ah was conceived before Cha Seung Won met his wife, making him the biological father of Cha No Ah, and that seeing Cha Seung Won pretend to be the real father of Cha No Ah has hurt his pride.

The man is demanding compensation of 100 million KRW (approx. 100,000 USD).

Cha Seung Won’s agency YG Entertainment is yet to release an official statement on the issue.

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