Song Il Gook Reveals Why Daehan Never Holds His Hands on “Superman Returns”

Actor Song Il Gook revealed why his eldest triplet Daehan never holds his hands.

On the latest episode of “Superman Returns,” Song Il Gook talked about his eldest son Daehan, whom he described as a “natural-born eldest child.”

“It must be difficult, to be born that way. I always hold Mingook and Manse‘s hands, and I always tell Daehan to hold his younger brothers’ hands. And he never lets go.”

In the previous episodes, Daehan could be seen always holding his younger brothers’ hands, while Song Il Gook holds the other two triplets’ hands. In other instances, Daehan can be seen acting very mature, even attempting to carry his dad’s bag for him.

Song Il Gook also added, “he is actually very responsible,” giving his eldest son a thumbs up.

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