IU Over the Years from a Little Baby to a Little Girl

Recently, the online community shed light on IU’s baby photos, which were occasionally revealed through a few television shows. Someone had compiled a collection of IU’s younger photos, ranging from when she had been a little baby to a toddler and then to a little school girl. It doesn’t seem like she changed much, as anyone could tell that the baby in the released photo was IU. View the compilation below:

“Hello baby IU~” revealed from variety show “Win Win

1005 iu 1

Seems like she was getting ready for the title of “nation’s younger sister,” also revealed on “Win Win”

1005 iu 2

“Reply 1999” some autumn day from September of 1999

1005 iu 3

Grumpy IU

1005 iu 4

In a white dress accented with a white hair pin~

1005 iu 5

What do you guys think of her baby photos? Doesn’t she look the same?