GOT7 Reaches #1 on Music Chart in Thailand

It’s been reported that GOT7 has reached number one on a weekly chart at the largest music chain in Thailand, B2S, with the group’s recently-released “GOT7 Thailand Special Set.”

According to B2S’ weekly international chart for the week of September 22-28, GOT7’s special Thailand album, which was released on September 25, has risen to the top spot on the chart immediately upon its release.

The “GOT7 Thailand Special Set” is a special album created by combining songs from the group’s first mini album “Got It?” with their second mini album titled “GOT♡” (GOT Love). GOT7 is experiencing immense popularity in Thailand, despite it being their very first album release in the country.

The members of GOT7 visited Thailand for the first time since their debut on September 25, ahead of their album release. During their three-day visit, the members proved their popularity, as they were able to gather thousands of fans at every one of their schedules.

Meanwhile, 900 copies of the pre-released albums were sold out immediately, and 5,000 pre-orders were sold in just one day, earning GOT7 much love in Thailand.
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