The Cast of “Bad Guys” Turn into “Cute Guys” in Newly Released Behind the Scenes Stills

On October 5, OCN’s “Bad Guys” released behind the scenes photos of lead cast members, Kim Sang Joong, Ma Dong Suk, Park Hae Jin, Jo Dong Hyuk, and Kang Ye Won, posing adorably with finger hearts and looking close with one another. The photo was taken as a sign of gratitude towards viewers after their first broadcast this past October 4. After the first episode, many netizens had complimented the drama and expressed their liking for the drama online.

Kim Sang Joong stated, “The drama had already gone into pre-production earlier this year so we couldn’t figure out the viewers’ reaction until we were halfway through filming it. We are so thankful that the reactions are positive.”

Ma Dong Suk said, “We all worked hard in the hot summer as we got injured during the shoot. I almost laughed out loud hearing that the online reaction was hot [referencing one of his lines from the drama].”

In addition to Park Hae Jin’s, “Thank you all very much,” Jo Dong Hyuk added, “I was pressured under the idea of starting a new drama but it was all worthwhile as we received the positive reactions.”

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The producer of “Bad Guys,” Jo Moon Joo commented, “Putting the ratings aside, the actors are all encouraged by the viewers’ compliments. We already went into pre-production earlier this year, so the date of the first filming and the first air date had a gap of a couple of months. Because of this I think the actors were also curious about the audience’s reaction. Since the first broadcast, the atmosphere of our filming set is filled with even more spirit than we had before.”

Meanwhile, the first episode of “Bad Guys” that aired on October 4 averaged a rating of 2.1% (taking into consideration various sources) with its peak at 3.2%. It took first place among programs in the same time slot (the rating is considered high as it is a cable television series). The drama airs every Saturday on OCN.

Has anyone seen the first episode? Any thoughts?