Cha Seung Won’s Friends Testify of His Fatherly Love

Following the surprising news that Cha Seung Won is not the biological father of Cha No Ah and is being sued by the biological father, Cha Seung Won’s acquaintances have taken to the internet in defense of their friend.

On October 5, a man filed a lawsuit against Cha Seung Won and his wife, claiming to be the real father of Cha No Ah. He filed on the basis that seeing Cha Seung Won pretend to be the real father of Cha No Ah has hurt his pride.

Cha Seung Won’s agency, YG Entertainment, confirmed that the actor was not the biological father. However, the agency backed up their actor in that “Cha Seung Won firmly believes that he gave birth to his son Cha No Ah with his heart, and he has shared that he still does not regret the decision he made at that time.” 

According to Ilkan Sports, even those close to the actor believed that Cha No Ah was Cha Seung Won’s real son. “Seung Won’s love for his son was so extraordinary. No one could have guessed the truth. When No Ah was in that legal dispute, [Cha Seung Won] was deeply distressed and was very busy trying to solve the case. Just recently he was reaching out to his friends for advice on No Ah’s future.”

Another close source added, “Their relationship was exceptional compared to other father and son relationships.”

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