Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Opens Up about Sunny’s Habit of Touching Others

Tiffany of Girls’ Generation has opened up about her fellow member Sunny‘s tendency to touch others in a slightly uncomfortable manner.

On the October 6 broadcast of “Hello Counselor,” TaeTiSeo joined the MCs in discussing worries of the show’s viewers.

One of the viewers shared his concerns regarding the habits of his wife. “Not only does my wife touch my butt at home, but also outside of our house,” the husband explained, causing Tiffany to suddenly burst in laughter.

“This reminds me of someone, namely Sunny,” Tiffany said. Immediately, the MCs asked, “Who is Sunny touching?”

Tiffany continued, “Sunny’s nickname is ‘Pervert Sunny.’ She touches the members’ bodies all the time. She also does it in public. There are even photos of her touching the members’ butts, so fans are all aware of this.”