Producer of “Discovery of Love”: “Not Everyone Will Be Satisfied with the Ending”

With KBS2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Discovery of Love” nearing its end, the producer has given a taste of the anticipated finale.

On October 7, Ham Young Hoon CP revealed to news outlet OSEN, “No matter how the ending turns out, not everyone who has considered the drama as realistic will be satisfied. However, we chose the option that works best in this situation.”

“Yeo Reum reunites with Tae Ha or Ha Jin a year after their breakup, but we don’t consider the identity of that person to be important. For 16 episodes, each one of them discovered love. Dating is a part of life. Through dating, they will live a different life and date different people,” the producer explained.

Who will Yeo Reum end up with, or will the three choose completely separate paths?

The finale of “Discovery of Love” airs today, on October 7, at 10 p.m.