YG Releases Another Ambiguous Teaser Photo for a Different Date

Just yesterday YG Entertainment teased K-Pop fans with one of their famous image teasers. Now, YG Entertainment has released another mysterious teaser image, this one with a different date.

While the previous teaser mostly black and had the date Oct. 10 on it, this one is red and Oct. 21. It’s unclear if this means that YG Entertainment is preparing two different groups for a comeback, or if the same group will be releasing two different things. Perhaps a teaser on Oct. 10 and the music video on Oct. 21?

Soompiers gave their guesses on who this artist could be. The current favorite seemed to be Epik High, who has their anniversary on Oct. 10. Others mentioned Big Bang, Minzy, and upcoming boy band UNIQ as the artists they want to see have a comeback.