Roy Kim Releases Music Video for “Home” and Lyrics Video for “Nothing Lasts Forever”

Singer Roy Kim is officially back, with a music video for his title single “Home” and a beautiful lyrics video for “Nothing Lasts Forever.”

“Home,” directed director Song Won Young of production company April Shower, is a meaningful omnibus-style music video starring various actors including Ko Kyu Pil and Lee Chae Eun. The song was written in Roy Kim’s perspective, as he observed his manager’s family.

“Nothing Lasts Forever” is a song Roy Kim wrote while he was studying in the States, inspired by his older sister’s message. The stunning lyrics video was created in collaboration with Korea’s first astrophotographer, Kwon Oh Chul. The video uses the photographer’s time-lapse aurora footage.

Check out the music video for “Home” and the lyrics video for “Nothing Lasts Forever” below.