Second Spin: 10 Tracks to Celebrate 10 Years of Clazziquai

Second Spin puts the spotlight on songs that have remained out of it. It’s the chance to showcase some of the unpromoted tracks that are overshadowed by the signature songs in the featured artists’ discography.

The Clazziquai Project, or simply Clazziquai is now no stranger to music fans who like their sound trips infused with a little of everything. Clazziquai’s music is best described as a fusion, with an electronic base that is heavily influenced by some jazz, house, bossa, and lounge.

Having recently released their sixth regular album “Blink,” Clazziquai celebrates its 10 years in the industry. Vocalists Alex and Horan and DJ Clazzi, who make up Clazziquai (Alex’s sister Christina was also a vocalist in earlier releases) are now staples of the music business, but are widely recognized to have had indie roots. Clazziquai is an oft-quoted example of a successful indie crossover while remaining true to its distinct style and sound.

Throughout their career, Clazziquai, as a band or the individual members, have been growing their contributions to the music industry by coming out with releases as solo artists, forming their own project bands and collaborations and most especially, remaining a staple favorite in many film and drama soundtracks.

It’s been a decade since a very youthful Lee Jun Ki won hearts, starring in Clazziquai’s “Sweety,” and nearly so since the song “She Is” became synonymous with the drama it was featured in, “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon.” Soothing, sentimental or snappy, Second Spin celebrates Clazziquai’s 10 years with 10 of their buried tracks in their prolific career.

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“Stepping Out” from “Instant Pig,” 2004

Clazziquai’s music is characterized by its groovy nature, something that one can bounce to while waiting to be served drinks at the bar. “Stepping Out” from the first album is representative of this quality, a fitting introduction to the Clazziquai brand of sound.

“Salesman” from “Color Your Soul,” 2005

“Salesman” is more of the upbeat-without-overwhelming sound that Clazziquai has become known for. The track can both be an easy listen to accompany a solitary walk across a sunny campus and a wind-down while driving in the city after the rush hour traffic.

“Gentle Giant” from “Love Child of the Century,” 2007

Clazziquai vocalists Alex and Horan have the kind of cool, soothing voices that exude calm and quiet dreams. In “Gentle Giant,” their unadorned vocals are matched with an equally simple, dream-like portrait of a seemingly fairy tale character. The track is almost like a bedtime story told in song.

“Friday Blues” from “Love Child of the Century,” 2007

“Friday Blues” highlights the more nostalgic, dramatic side of the normally upbeat, danceable Clazziquai. Alex croons about the pain of a lost love upon waking on a Friday morning. He laments about another day passing.

“Rapunzel” from “Mucho Punk,” 2009

The title is a reference to the fairy tale character, which the song points to with the mention of gold locks and the long wait for a loved one. The lyrics seem to lead one to think the song is being sung from the point of view of the fairy tale Rapunzel’s prince. In one sense, the theme is similar to the “Gentle Giant,” but “Rapunzel’s” treatment is more melancholy and wistful.

“Love Right” from “Blessed,” 2013

“Love Right” is a return to form for Clazziquai, with its familiar groovy rhythm that has come to be associated with the talented trio. It was a fitting comeback for the group, together again, being released in their 2013 album “Blessed,” after having been quiet on the scene for a few years and concentrating on each one’s individual projects.

“Crave You” from “Blink,” 2014

Clazziquai appears to have made up for their considerable hiatus by releasing a full album of 10 new tracks on their decade anniversary, with two singles pre-released and two songs with music videos. “Crave You” is on the chill-out side of Clazziquai’s wide spectrum of genres, a laid-back track perfect for a Sunday brunch or a weekend drive to the suburbs.

“Miss.Understand,” from Alex’s “My Vintage Romance,” 2008

Individual pursuits from the Clazziquai members keep the band fresh among music fans. While maintaining some of the Clazziquai trademark, individual projects allow the members to work with and be influenced by other musicians.

“Miss. Understand” is from Alex’s debut solo album “My Vintage Romance.” By the time of this release, Alex had starred in the popular variety show “We Got Married,” from which he earned his “romantic guy” image, which is reflected in the album’s tracks.

“Miss. Understand,” featuring rapper Simon Dominic (or more commonly known as Simon D) is no different. It has a romantic quality to it, quite like a serenade, with Simon D’s lyrical rhymes sounding like a love poem.

“Party Fantasy” from Horan’s band Ibadi’s “Story of Us,” 2008

Horan’s project group, Ibadi is described to have an indie folk sound. Along that line, the track “Party Fantasy” from the band’s debut album “Story of Us” features not only Horan’s sultry vocals but the recognizable sounds of guitar strings under its beats.

“Sexy Doll” from DJ Clazzi’s “INFANT,” 2012

Clazziquai music is without a doubt the brainchild of the man behind the spinner, DJ Clazzi. After Alex and Horan came out with their individual projects, it was not a far cry then to expect DJ Clazzi to come out with his release.

The long-awaited album, “INFANT” came out in January 2012. It featured Clazzi working with a variety of musicians, including MYK. A pre-released single, “How We Feel” features 2AM‘s Seulong.

“Sexy Doll” features Kota and Jubi of Sunny Hill, along with MYK. It is best described as club track, one for a fun Friday night of dancing.

Clazziquai - Arena - Copy

Clazziquai’s music has that broad appeal that makes it pop, yet is different and varied enough that keeps it a step ahead and excitingly relevant. Encompassing a variety of genres, it is not easily dismissed in one category or another.

It is hard to imagine some beloved dramas and films, or some commercials in the past decade without the unforgettable music of Clazziquai underscoring them.

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