J.Tune Camp Launches Official Twitter Accounts for MBLAQ and MADTOWN

Fans of boy groups MBLAQ and MADTOWN, here’s some good news for you!

On early October 9, J.Tune Camp has announced through Twitter that they have launched the official Twitter accounts for the five-member group MBLAQ and the rookie hip-hop group MADTOWN.

“The official Twitter accounts for #MBLAQ and #MADTOWN have been opened. We hope you give a lot of interest and love for MBLAQ’s Twitter @MBLAQ_CAMP and MADTOWN’s Twitter @MADTOWN_CAMP,” said the official announcement.

J.Tune Camp

Just like with other every official account for artists, fans can expect announcements regarding the groups’ activities first through these official Twitter accounts.

As of writing (October 9, 7:30 a.m. KST), MBLAQ’s account has already reached over 3,500 followers while the rookie group MADTOWN has reached a little over 1,000 followers.

MBLAQ’s official account has only one post to date, confirming that it indeed is the official account for the group. “MBLAQ’s official Twitter account is opened. We hope for your love and interest^^,” said its first post.


Meanwhile, MADTOWN, which released their first mini album on October 8 and will be making their debut performance on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” today, October 9, already has four tweets, raising the anticipation for the group’s debut.

The rookie group’s official Twitter account opted for a more casual, friendlier tone in their tweets which is “managed” by a persona called “Maetdori” which translates to millstone in English.


“Hello? I’m Maetdori. Let’s be friendly with each other!! I will connect you to MADTOWN. Come to MADTOWN Camp everyday,” said Maetdori’s first post on MADTOWN’s official Twitter account. The intro post was then followed with a photo of MADTOWN’s backs showing their names and some more official announcements including the opening of the group’s homepage as well as the message hotline where fans can send messages to MADTOWN.

Follow MBLAQ and MADTOWN’s official Twitter accounts here:

MBLAQ: https://twitter.com/MBLAQ_CAMP
MADTOWN: https://twitter.com/MADTOWN_CAMP

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