Ailee Speaks of Challenges of Staying Slim

Solo star Ailee says that maintaining her new svelte figure is proving somewhat of a challenge. The singer appeared as a guest on SBS Power FM‘s radio show “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School,” where she was interviewed by the host of the program.

She said, “I eat two meals a day, and only consume 500kcal per day. Now I am trying to maintain my current weight. It was very difficult for me when I was on a diet.”

The show’s presenter then asked her, “Do you think you will go back to your old eating habits after you finish promoting your current album [“Magazine“]?

Ailee jokingly responded, “I am so hungry of late. I’d love to eat some noodles!”

The singer also explained that she has received a mixed response to her new, slimmer figure.

She said, “A lot of people have congratulated me on my new image, and said, ‘Don’t put the weight back on!’ But others say that they liked me more before I lost weight!”