Actor Sung Hyuk Talks About His Chemistry With Fellow “Jang Bori Is Here!” Actress Lee Yoo Ri

As popularity for MBC’s weekend drama, “Jang Bori is Here!” rises without an end, actor Sung Hyuk revealed his thoughts on the on-screen chemistry with his fellow co-stars in his recent interview with Joy News 24.

In “Jang Bori is Here!” Sung Hyuk plays the role of Moon Ji Sang, a man who vows to take revenge on the woman that caused him to lose everything, Yeon Min Jung (played by Lee Yoo Ri). Sung Hyuk is gaining much popularity as “God Ji Sang” or the “Carbonating Man” because despite Yeon Min Jung’s endless streak of villainous behavior, he seems to be the character that is able to oppose her, as he is usually the one that figures out her plans and stops her before she does any worse harm. In order to bring Yeon Min Jung down to the bottom, he helps the protagonist, Jang Bori (played by Oh Yeon Seo), in her endeavors as she battles it out with Yeon Min Jung as a hanbok (Korean traditional garb) maker.

Sung Hyuk explained his love-hate relationship to Lee Yoo Ri’s character, “Yeon Min Jung is a wound for Moon Ji Sang, and this hurtful wound doesn’t completely disappear. Even if a person erases it from his memory it’s not completely forgotten. As he continues to take revenge on Min Jung, Ji Sang feels rather sad and has a hard time dealing with it. He’s definitely neither happy nor gratified with his behavior.”

Though their on-screen relationship is one filled with spite, their relationship off camera is great. Their close relationship could be seen in Lee Yoo Ri’s behind-the-scenes photos that she uploads onto her personal SNS. Sung Hyuk claims Lee Yoo Ri to be the best actress to work with on the set of the drama.

He said, “She has a very innocent and childlike personality. You can’t have good acting when your relationship with your counterpart is bad. She takes into consideration my thoughts on how to approach a scene, and this helps with the flow of how we work together while filming.” He continued, “She is an actress that helps me bring out emotions that I haven’t even thought about. There were many scenes that were made through our ad-libs, especially physical scenes where one of us is either choking, holding onto, or even kneeling down to the other. I think that having an open mind while we act helps us think of improvisations that fit well with the flow of the scene.”

Sung Hyuk also couldn’t compliment enough on Lee Yoo Ri’s attitude. He said, “She really tries her best. She always has the mindset of a rookie, which makes her give her all in everything she does. It’s inevitable that her acting is one that the audience could connect with.”

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Apart from Lee Yoo Ri, Sung Hyuk also picked child actress Kim Ji Young as someone he has good chemistry with. Kim Ji Young currently plays the role of Bi Dan, who is the biological child between Ji Sang and Min Jung. His fatherly love towards her is gaining much love from the viewers.

Sung Hyuk commented, “We communicate well with each other on set. She is an actress that can absorb well [with regards to acting]. There were many times I was emotionally moved by her acting because she acted with sincerity. But there are also times where I feel bad for her because she has to think so much more than other children her age.”

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Meanwhile, “Jang Bori is Here!” is about the complicated twist of fate as two daughters are switched into each other’s families as their respective stepdaughters. It is a very popular drama that has almost reached 40% in viewer ratings. With two episodes left, viewers are anticipating how Yeon Min Jung will meet her end, and what would happen to Bi Dan, who recently found out that she isn’t the biological daughter of Jang Bori. The final two episodes will air this coming Saturday and Sunday on MBC.

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