Park Hae Jin Is a Chic City Man of the Winter in New Pictorial

The newest Calvin Klein Jean pictorial featuring its new brand icon, actor Park Hae Jin, was recently released, unveiling the brand’s winter outerwear. The photoshoot took place on the streets of Tokyo, Japan.

In the released photos, Park Hae Jin sports a slim-fit down jacket with denim jeans, showing off a fashionable yet clean cut styling that is expected to be this winter’s outerwear trend. Especially with his smooth charisma and tall, slim figure, he emits the aura of a winter man.

1009 park hae jin 2

In another photo, he is also sporting a more luxurious leather jacket with a big backpack to match with it. With is deep eyes and signature alluring gaze, he expresses a sexy yet rebellious contemporary look for this winter.

1009 park hae jin 1

It was later reported that during the shoot, Park Hae Jin was able to understand the concept completely, and acted with great skill as he easily made various poses and different expressions to fit the setting. His professionalism brought many compliments from the staff on the set.

His entire pictorial will be revealed in the November issues of Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and Arena Homme Plus magazines. It will also be available on the Calvin Klein Jean official Facebook Korea page, as well as Kakao Plus Friend Page.

Meanwhile, Park Hae Jin is currently starring in the OCN drama, “Bad Guys,” as a genius psychopath that helps a police detective catch worse violent criminals.

What do you guys think of Park Hae Jin’s winter look?