Reports Reveal Luhan’s Reasons behind Lawsuit, Statements from Representative and Friend of Luhan

Chinese media outlet Sina recently reported on an interview with Luhan’s best friend, in which he revealed what he thinks Luhan’s reasons for the lawsuit are against SM Entertainment.

According to the report, the friend is Luhan’s classmate from high school, and their friendship is well known, as there were photos posted on Weibo on several occasions, showing the two together.

The friend stated, “To be honest, I didn’t know Luhan would make a decision as sudden as this. Recently, Luhan has been suffering from migraines and sleeping problems. He even had to miss an EXO concert, receiving care from his family in Beijing.”

“Being abroad for a long time, Luhan barely had any time to spend with his parents. His agency was very strict with vacation, and even when he had no work, he was unable to receive permission to go home. After visiting home this last time, I think he wanted to be there for his more elderly family members.”

Korean media also received a statement from a representative of Luhan, who stated that one of the reasons behind the lawsuit is the discriminatory treatment of EXO-M versus the treatment of EXO-K.

The report quotes the source’s statement, saying, “There is a lot of restriction on their private lives, and they even are treated differently when getting permission for vacation. After signing their contract in May of 2010, they underwent severe training until their debut in April 2012, going for an average of 10 hours a day, and during this time, they did not receive any financial aid.”

The source stated that due to stress of training and anxiety, Luhan is suffering from various health issues, and that even following EXO’s debut, they don’t have freedom with individual activities and their manager is constantly with them monitoring and restricting what they do.

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