Yoo Jae Suk Opens Up His Heart For 400th Episode of “Infinity Challenge”

Korea’s number one favorite MC Yoo Jae Suk opened up about his show “Infinity Challenge” in celebration of its upcoming 400th episode.

When asked if he was ever in a crisis situation during the last nine years while filming the variety show, he replied, “There were several crisis, but what I worry most is the members’ conditions. There are many who experienced emotional roller coasters, and depending on what mood they’re in, the shooting atmosphere can be bad or good. “

He continued, “Because I’m the one who is hosting the show, I look carefully at how the members feel on the morning of the shooting day. I’m most worried when members have problems in their personal lives or something has happened to them in other shows that they’re appearing in. But I have never wanted to quit ‘Infinity Challenge’ since the first day I came on this show. I know it’s realistically impossible but that’s how my heart feels.”

“I don’t know how long we can make the show go on. I don’t think we can arrogantly continue on forever. We will do it until the audience wants it. We will do everything we can to continue on with the show and I believe that’s what ‘Infinity Challenge’ is about.”

“Infinity Challenge” began airing back in April 2005 and will mark its 400th episode on October 18. The show will celebrate its 10th year anniversary next year on April 23.