Eun Ji Won Reveals Sechs Kies Members Are Discussing a Possible Reunion

Eun Ji Won of the ’90s boy group Sechs Kies has revealed that the group is currently looking into a possible reunion.

On the October 11 airing of the KBS W show “The Lord of the Ratings,” Sechs Kies members Jang Su Won and Kim Jae Duk who also make up the duo J-Walk, talked about the hey days of Sechs Kies and addressed some rumors regarding the group.

When asked whether the Sechs Kies members still get in touch with each other, Kim Jae Duk and Jang Su Won replied, “Although we couldn’t meet up often because we’re busy with our own lives, we do contact each other often,” and showed their unchanging friendship with each other.

At a phone patch with Sechs Kies member and actor Eun Ji Won, MC Lee Hwi Jae asked about a possible reunion of the group. “I know that the members are currently talking about a reunion. If everyone will do it, I would definitely join,” Eun Ji Won replied positively.