“Roommate” Cast Members Look Like Family in Newly Released Selca

On October 11, Park Min Woo uploaded a photo onto his personal Instagram with the caption, “Young So-Geo [‘so geo’ means ‘elimination,’ he is referring to Heo Young Ji‘s soundless laughs that has become a hot topic among viewers], Gook Bo Sung [referring to Lee Gook Joo‘s impersonation of Kim Bo Sung], Min-triever, Na O-Kya [O-Kya is used as a shortened name for ‘Orange Caramel’].”

In the released photo, members Heo Young Ji, Lee Gook Joo, Park Min Woo, and Nana are smiling towards the camera. Lee Gook Joo has a funny mask on her face, reminding everyone of her impersonation of Kim Bo Sung. The photo is gathering much love as it emits a family-like aura among the members.

Meanwhile, “Roommate” recently launched its second season with new members Park Joon Hyung, Otani Ryohei, Bae Jong Ok, Lee Gook Joo, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, KARA’s Heo Young Ji, and GOT7’s Jackson joining the original members Lee Dong Wook, Jo Se Ho, Park Min Woo, Seo Kang Joon, and Nana.

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