Super Junior Shindong and Heechul Tease for Upcoming Music Video

It looks like Super Junior is getting ready to drop a new music video for their ELFs soon!

Recently, member Shindong has been dropping hints on his Instagram, posting photos like the one below, showing a close-up of someone’s hand holding a drumstick at a set. The caption on the photo simply says, “#MV.”

shindong mv 1

He followed up with a picture showing what clearly looks to be the monitor of a camera on set, saying, “Some bait! Here you go!”

shindong mv 2

The teasing onslaught continued, with Shindong posting some sort of hint, saying that if people got it right, he would reveal the answer (pictured left). But then he posted not soon after, revealing that everyone had yet to guess the correct answer (pictured right).

shindong super junior

Member Heechul then jumped in on the fun, pretending to criticize Shindong for his carrot-dangling. He said, “I’ll reveal the music video, just for you. Just go ahead and press play. Did you watch it? How is it? Pretty good, right?”

heechul super junior mv