Kim Tae Woo’s Wife Chooses Kangta Over Her Husband, Also Revealed to be a Fan of G-Dragon

On the October 11 broadcast of SBS’ variety program “Oh! My Baby,” the wife of g.o.d member and singer Kim Tae Woo, Kim Ae Ri, revealed honestly of whom she is a big fan.

During the episode, Kim Tae Woo caught his wife by surprise by saying, “Aren’t you a H.O.T fan? A Kangta fan?” She tried to avoid the confrontation by explaining, “No, I’m a g.o.d fan.” However, Kim Tae Woo continued to expose his wife’s true favorite stars: “In the past, you were a fan of Kangta, but now you’re a fan of G-Dragon.”

In an interview with producers shortly after this exchange, Kim Ae Ri spoke honestly about the matter. When asked, “Who do you like more between Kangta and Kim Tae Woo?” she responded, “Can I say my honest answer? Kangta.” The wife of the g.o.d member added, “From the eyes of a middle school student at that time, Kangta seemed like the main character of a comic.”

Kim Tae Woo’s wife’s answer was especially amusing for viewers, as g.o.d and H.O.T were viewed somewhat as rival groups during the time they promoted together, and it was almost impossible to be a proclaimed fan of both groups at the time.
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