YG Explains It Will Be Impossible to Confirm G-Dragon’s Relationship with Mizuhara Kiko Until After Taeyang’s Concert

On the latest episode of KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly,” the spotlight was once again placed upon BIGBANG G-Dragon’s alleged relationship with Japanese model-actress Mizuhara Kiko.

The two celebrities have been involved in dating rumors for approximately four years now. Netizens have already discovered photos of them going on a vacation together, attending each other’s birthday parties, and even photos of them kissing on their respective Instagram and Twitter accounts. However, neither party has yet to confirm or deny the relationship.

1012 kiko mizuhara gdragon scandal

On this episode, the entertainment news show revealed YG Entertainment’s statement, which said, “It’s so hectic due to Taeyang’s concert. We think we can only confirm it after the concert ends.”

Meanwhile, Mizuhara Kiko has also been involved in another scandal this past April with actor/singer Matsumoto Jun. Because of this the actress is also facing rumors of two timing the two male stars.

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