Secret Celebrates 5 Years Together Since Debut + Hyosung’s Birthday!

October 13 is an important day of the year that holds a lot of meaning for the members of girl group Secret, as well as their fans. The special date signifies the group’s debut anniversary, as well as member Hyosung’s birthday. This year is especially meaningful, as it marks five years with Secret, since their debut in 2009 with “I Want You Back.”

As a way of celebrating their fifth debut anniversary, each one of the members—Hyosung, Hana, Jieun, and Sunhwa— personally hand-wrote letters to express their thankful hearts toward fans for supporting them all these years. These letters, written on adorable stationary, were uploaded one by one onto Secret’s official Facebook page on this day.
secret hyosung letterHana
secret hana letterJieun
secret jieun letterSunhwa
secret sunhwa letterMembers Hyosung and Jieun also posted messages of thanks through their respective SNS accounts. Hyosung’s Instagram post read: “The most important Secret’s 5 year anniversary. Jeon Hyo Sung is 25 years old and Secret is 5 years old~! Thank you so much our Secret Time♡Let’s hold hands and grow old together like a …dream +_+The beginning will continue to be Secret♡In the end, it’s Secret♡.”
secretJieun’s Twitter post read: “Congrats Secret’s 5th Anniversary♡♡♡Because you all were with us, we were able to sing and dance and receive love for this long^^ Thank you so so much and I love you~~ It’s a bit late but I wanted to make sure I say this before I sleep. Good night : ).”
jieun twitter

Congratulations to Secret on five years together and happy birthday to Hyosung!

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