Nicole Officially Signs with B2M Entertainment for Solo Debut

Former KARA member Nicole has officially signed an exclusive contract with the same agency that houses Lee Hyori, SPICA, and many others.

On October 14, B2M Entertainment revealed through a press release, “Following the end of her contract with DSP Media, Nicole is currently preparing for her solo debut after confirming a new agency and completing the contract signing. Nicole’s new agency was established by CEO Gil Jong Hwa, who had been with KARA from their debut to their peak. Since their connection under DSP Media, they have maintained close relations with one another.”

More than the conditions of the contract, Nicole was seeking an agency that understands her better than anyone else, as well as one that would be able to support her. It has been said that CEO Gil Jong Hwa watched over Nicole since her trainee days and has praised her potential as a performer.

Meanwhile, Nicole has consistently continued to prepare for her solo album away from the public eye, and with the full support of her new agency, she is planning to officially kick off album preparations.