Jang Nara Used to Be Known As Sung Yuri’s Look Alike

Singer and actress Jang Nara recently had her first solo talk show guest appearance on SBS’s “Healing Camp.”

On this episode, which aired on October 13, MC Kim Je Dong mentioned, “I heard that Jang Nara used to be called Sung Yuri’s doppelganger when she first debuted.” With this both Sung Yuri and Jang Nara’s old photos were revealed.

Sung Yuri exclaimed, “We really do look alike. I like these times,” referring to her Fin.K.L days.

Jang Nara responded, “Yuri is more like a doll-style while I’m more of a bear-style.”

In the photo that was revealed afterwards Jang Nara also added, “My parents really liked it when they heard that I looked like Sung Yuri. But at home I was called ‘tacky girl’ because they thought that my face looked tacky. They often teased me by saying, ‘You look like her?’”

What do you guys think? Is there a resemblance?