Haru Transforms Into Adorable Little Celebrity Chef

Look who’s an adorable little celebrity chef!

On October 13, photos of Haru that were uploaded on her Instagram account that is managed by her father, Epik High’s Tablo, showed the kid perfectly rocking the chef look complete with an orange chef’s hat and apron.

In the photo, Tablo’s daughter looked like she’s writing a message on a pizza box before she was asked to look straight to the camera. The caption gave an idea on why Haru decided to play chef that day as it said, “I completed a pizza for daddy!! Eat the pizza and please gain strength!!,” together with the hashtag #kidchef.

The next photo uploaded showed Haru having a “fan signing session” with her “fan,” who appears to be her mother, actress Kang Hye Jung.

Awww… Haru is really such a sweet kid! After “Superman Returns,” could we be seeing her on a show like “Junior Master Chef” next?