ZE:A Junyoung Reveals Income, Feud with Star Empire Appears to Resume

The feud between talent agency Star Empire and boy band ZE:A seems set to rumble on, with the group’s leader Junyoung (also known as Lee Hoo) taking to social network site Twitter to post a photograph of a document that appears to be his yearly pay slip, along with the message, “Don’t believe everything you see.”


According to the figures on the document, Junyoung earned around 33,000,000 won and paid about 1,100,000 won in tax, making for net earnings of around 31,900,000 won (approx. 30,000 USD).

One netizen commented, “If you divide this number by the amount of members in ZE:A and deduct tax, they seem to have only received 290,000 won [approx. 270 USD]. Star Empire is going too far.”

Junyoung then deleted the tweet of the pay slip photograph and posted the message, “D-7 10/21. After 9/21,” September 21 being the date that he first Tweeted about his agency.


Although there is still the question among web users as to whether the document was a pay slip intended for Junyoung alone or for the entire group, some have stated that even if the amount refers only to Junyoung’s annual earnings, the figure still seems low considering how much touring and promotional work ZE:A do.

The first signs of trouble between Junyoung and the agency emerged in September this year, and had initially seemed to have been resolved after Star Empire released a statement to that effect. Following Star Empire’s statement, though, Junyoung once again took to Twitter to announce that the resolution was but a “momentary ceasefire.”

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