g.o.d to Release New Single Album and “Chapter 8” Repackage

Veteran boy band g.o.d has revealed that the act intends to follow up its recent comeback activity with a repackaged version of the album “Chapter 8” called the “Thanks Edition.” Included on the revamped album will be a brand new song, entitled “Wish” (tentative title), which will also be released as a stand-alone single album.


The song is described as being an RnB number that fans will find it easy to sing along to.

The “Chapter 8: Thanks Edition” album will also come replete with a 50-page booklet of photographs and handwritten notes to the many fans who supported the group’s comeback.

Member Yoon Kye Sang co-wrote the song “Wish,” and it is intended as a message of thanks to the group‘s loyal supporters.