“My Lovely Girl” Episode 9 Preview

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My Lovely Girl” Episode 9 Text Preview:

After their kiss, Se Na (Krystal) tells Hyun Wook (Rain) that she likes him, but Hyun Wook draws the line. Meanwhile, Shi Woo (L), who hurt his ankle, calls Se Na over, and when they are captured on photo by paparazzi, a scandal erupts…

Episode 9 Teaser:

Yoon Se Na (Krystal): I like you a lot.

Shi Woo (L): Do you think I can do better? Than Infinite Power?

Lee Hyun Wook (Rain): Just what is it that you gain from going this far?

Seo Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo): What could I take from you that would anger you the most? Yoon Se Na?

Shi Woo: Don’t smile. I’ll get nervous.

Man: What are you going to do if you two get caught in a scandal?

Shi Woo: It’s okay if it’s just us two, right?

Lee Hyun Wook: Today will be the first and last time. I won’t allow you two eating together.

Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun): Leave AnA. Immediately.

Lee Hyun Wook: What are you saying right now?

Shin Hae Yoon: You can’t be like this. Even if Yoon Se Na doesn’t know, you can’t be like this.

Yoon Se Na: Because she’s Yoon So Eun’s sister.

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