“My Spring Day” Star Kam Woo Sung Delivers Hand-Written Note to Viewers

Bliss Media has released a hand-written letter penned by actor Kam Woo Sung, who is currently starring in the MBC drama “My Spring Day.”

Kam Woo Sung letter

In the letter, the actor wrote, “Now that we are past the halfway point of this drama, I think I can say that it has gone according to plan so far. It could have been very clichéd, but due to the sophisticated skills of our director, all of the actors and actress have been able to feel at ease.”

Kam Woo Sung continued, “It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I actually made up my mind to take this role because of how it ends. It has a very unique ending and a beautiful female lead. I am sure that it will exceed the expectations of most of the viewers who have watched the drama since the beginning. I am also excited as we getting close to the end now.”

He ended the letter on a sentimental note, writing, “I think the best ‘spring days’ of my life are right now.”