“Infinity Challenge” Member Pairs to Spend 24 Hours Together for 400th Episode Special

For the 400th episode special of “Infinity Challenge,” the production has put together a “Begin Again” special, in which the members will get to know each other more than ever before.

The members will be picking their own partners to spend 24 hours with, with no interference from the producers. In order to pick their partners, the members are to take quizzes, to find out just how much (or little) they know each other, answering personal questions such as “Where did my wife and I have our first kiss?” or ridiculous ones like “Which finger do I pick my nose with?”

infinity challenge 1

While the cast has spent the past 10 years together almost like family, there are members who thought they were really close friends but end up not really knowing each other all that well. Can you guess who they might be?

Following the quiz, the paired off members will then have to spend an entire day with each other, and it is said that the pairs were bickering the whole time.

The 400th episode “Begin Again” special will air on October 18 at 6:20 p.m. (KST).

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