Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko Praises Ailee’s Rapping Skills

There’s no doubt about Ailee being a very good, powerful singer but how does she fare in rapping?

Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko, who has collaborated with Ailee on the track “Hueng Hai” off his first solo album, “REDINGRAY,” has revealed that the singer is actually talented in rap as well!

At the showcase for Gaeko’s first solo album “REDINGRAY” held at Times Square in Seoul on October 15, the rapper praised Ailee, who features on the track “Hueng Hai,” not only on her rapping skills but on her attitude as well.

“I worked easily with Ailee. She raps in this track. This is a rap duet but I didn’t ask ‘could we do it?’ and rather said ‘we can do it’ and sent her the song. Like that, she coolly said, ‘I’ll try.’ Isn’t Ailee cool? She has a good personality,” said Gaeko.

“After a few days, we had the recording and Ailee also rapped well. She was basically gifted. I had a similar feeling when I worked with Naul hyung before wherein I thought ‘that person is gifted and skilled to some extent.’ I felt the same thing with Ailee. She understands music, she goes with the rhythm. I was surprised while recording. The recording didn’t even last two hours. I thought we could come up with a good song fast,” added Gaeko.

Gaeko’s first solo album “REDINGREY,” which was released on October 16, contains a total of 17 tracks including the title track “No Make Up” which features Zion.T and HA:TFELT. Gaeko has also collaborated with other artists such as Bumkey in the song “Passout” and Crush in “Silver Sonata,” among others.
Listen to Gaeko’s “Hueng Hai” featuring Ailee here!