EXO Kai Leaves a Heartfelt Message for Fans: “I Hope Our Love for Each Other Never Changes”

In the wake of the departure of both Kris and Luhan from EXO-M, EXO member Kai recently left a heartfelt message for fans on his official homepage.

Here is his message:

“Did you see the lunar eclipse a couple of days ago? I wonder if you saw the rubber duck afloat on the lake. Lately, I haven’t had any scheduled activities to go to or anything, so I’ve been spending time with family or practicing on my own.”

“How about you? Are things pretty similar for you? What do you think about trying to find happiness in the little things today, by rearranging furniture, going home via a slightly different route, or other small things like that?”

“While the things I mentioned don’t seem like very big changes, even those small changes can make your day fun in a new way. When you get used to it, it’ll be different from before, but normal again.”

“I want to walk the path with you [the fans]. I hope that our love for each other never changes.”

Previously, EXO-M member Luhan recently filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment on October 10.

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