Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won Are Intense in New “Gangnam Blues” Posters

Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won‘s upcoming action noir film “Gangnam Blues” has released new posters.

In the character posters, the two male leads Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won are intense in their portrayal of their respective characters. Kim Rae Won is covered in mud and blood, and the caption on his poster reads, “I’m going to make my land, without regrets.” Lee Min Ho is perfectly channeling a gangster in his character poster, which reads, “Getting in the right line is important for soldiers and thugs.”

In another poster released, the two characters are standing on a developing lot, with a tagline that says, “1970, the land where desire dances.”

“Gangnam Blues” is an action noir film about the turmoils regarding the Gangnam district’s real estate craze of the 1970′s. It will open in theaters in November.

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