Kim So Eun From “Liar Game” Reveals Selca on Top of a Stack of Money

On October 18, Kim So Eun’s selcas from the set of tvN’s upcoming drama “Liar Game” were released. In one photo, she is holding up a bundle of 50,000 KRW bills. In another, she lies on top of pile of money spread out on a bed. The darkly lit room with the green curtains and an old desk seems to be her room in “Liar Game.”

In “Liar Game” Kim So Eun will be playing the role of Nam Da Jung, a young college student with lots of debts. She is a bright and trusting character, and Kim So Eun was confident that she did her best in portraying the character well.

In the first episode of “Liar Game,” the “500,000,000 Game” will show, where the players must take the opponent players’ money using any means necessary with the exception of physical violence. The winner will be the player with the most money at the finish line.

This first episode will air this coming October 20 on tvN. Who’s excited for this drama?