[VIDEO] BTS Is Predictably Awesome on AS4U

This week’s “A Song For You” was a much-anticipated episode among fans of Korean hip-hop. Bangtan Boys (BTS) exploded onto the scene just over a year ago and they’ve already gained love and attention from fans all over the world. In fact, when we ran the Soompi AS4U BTS Contest we received over a hundred entries from passionate Soompi ARMY!

Joining the usual crew of Amber, Kangin, and Sungjae, BTS showed off their great energy and camaraderie – in fact, every moment is guaranteed to make you laugh. From throwing marshmallows at each other to fanboying over baseball, this week’s episode must be seen by everyone. 

Here are a few of the especially hilarious moments – just a few – to further entice you to catch the full episodes at the bottom!

1. V’s freestyle rap “skills.”


Even a fly in the studio wanted in on the action.

2. A very lulzy game.


That makes for GREAT screencaps. But it was also as stressful as watching the World Cup.

3. Sungjae being paranoid.


NO ONE is after your spot Sungjae! Calm down!

4. Kangin throwing shade.


Never say that you don’t like baseball in front of him.

5. The performances, of course.

as4u-bts-singing-2 as4u-bts-song

“Miss Right” & “Let Me Know.” These songs have not been performed live nearly enough, so enjoy them while you can!

So, what are you waiting for? Catch it RIGHT NOW:

And bonus reason: some awesome Chilean Soompiers were featured in the episode! If you want to be famous like them – well, keep your eye out for the next Soompi AS4U Contest!

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