Kang Sora Reveals How She Learned Russian for “Misaeng”

Actress Kang Sora revealed how she learned to speak Russian for her latest drama “Misaeng.”

On the first episode of “Misaeng” which aired on October 17, Kang Sora’s character Ahn Young Yi had to answer the phone for Im Si Wan‘s character Jang Geu Rae. While on the phone, she showed off her impressive Russian speaking skills.

Kang Sora’s agency Will Entertainment commented that Kang Sora only had one private lesson with a Russian tutor that lasted two hours. “Afterwards, she constantly listened to recordings of Russian.” They also added, “She seems to have a special talent for languages. Her English is very good as well. The filming went very smoothly. Viewers can expect her to speak more Russian on the show in the future.”

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