Yoon Min Soo’s Son Yoon Hoo Makes Surprising Revelation About His Mom on “Dad! Where Are We Going?”

Little children are so innocent and honest that sometimes, what comes out of their mouths can cause laughter to adults.

On the October 19 episode of MBC’s “Dad! Where Are We Going?,” singer Yoon Min Soo played a little game with his son Yoon Hoo and Song Jong Kook’s daughter, Song Ji Ah.

While playing a game on who could complete the words of the proverbs that are in the flash cards, little Yoon Hoo said something surprising about his mother that made Yoon Min Soo laugh.

As they were learning the proverb “Three women make a market,” the two kids were asked to fill in the blanks following the words “When three women gather, they ______.” Song Ji Ah said, “When three women gather, they drink together,” to which Yoon Hoo agreed, “Right,” surprising Yoon Min Soo.

Yoon Min Soo then asked the children, “Just what kind of women are they,” and Yoon Hoo brought up his mom and a few of her friends, shocking his father. Yoon Min Soo then said to his son, “Thanks for giving me this high quality information.”

Yoon Hoo, Yoon Min Soo