Chun Jung Myung Suggests to Girl’s Day’s Hyeri that They Enlist Together on “Real Men”

On the latest episode of MBC variety show “Real Men,” actor Chun Jung Myung asked Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri if she would enlist to military service together with him.

On the October 19 broadcast of the military variety program, Henry called up Hyeri, saying, “Honey, it’s oppa,” drawing curious looks from his fellow soldiers. When it was revealed that it was actually Hyeri on the line, the soldiers were beyond ecstatic.

Actor Chun Jung Myung also could not hide his enthusiasm, as he started blushing when he talked to Hyeri on the phone. When he shyly suggested enlisting together, Hyeri cooly replied, “I can do that,” but also added while laughing, “But you might be let down.”

After the phone call, Chun Jung Myung could not stop smiling, as he commented, “I feel energetic.”

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