Creator of “Nodame Cantabile” Reveals Thoughts on Korean Version, “Tomorrow Cantabile”

Manga artist Ninomiya Tomoko, the creator of “Nodame Cantabile,” has shared her impressions on the Korean version of the hit series.

After watching the teaser clip of an upcoming episode of KBS2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Tomorrow Cantabile,” the artist wrote on her Twitter, “Korean Nodame, her room is spacious!”

The comment is related to the living arrangements of female lead Seol Nae Il (Shim Eun Kyung). In the Japanese comic book and drama, the main character is living in a tiny room that barely fits a piano and a sofa.

In the Korean version, however, Seol Nae Il is living in a large and bright duplex-style room. It is hard to believe a regular student could afford to pay for her current apartment, especially as Seol Nae Il seems to support herself financially and is working part-time jobs to get by.

Korean netizens are now wondering about the reasons for the set-up, which contrasts with the main character’s status as a student with no money to spare.

Meanwhile, “Tomorrow Cantabile” experienced a significant drop in ratings after the first episode.