miss A’s Suzy Chosen as the New Model for Nescafé

It has been announced that Suzy of miss A has become the exclusive model for a new line of products from the coffee brand Nescafé.

On October 20, a representative of Lotte Nestle Korea revealed that Suzy was recently chosen to be the new advertisement model for the ‘Nescafé Fresh Mocha’ line.

The rep explained, “We selected Suzy as the advertisement model because she is a good match for the product’s fresh image

with her bright and innocent image that opposes the stale, oily feeling of conventional coffee mixes, which will allow people to enjoy the fresh and clean taste of this product.

The miss A member will be taking part in various marketing promotions as the new face of ‘Nescafé Fresh Mocha.’

Suzy’s commercial for Nescafé will hit the airwaves starting this October 28.