Top Ten K-drama Moments of the Week – October Week 3

We shake up the top 10 this week with riveting moments from some new dramas! Meanwhile, our established favorites revved up the poignancy with more heartfelt scenes. Come on and check out our list!


1. “My Lovely Girl“: It’s getting hot in here!

Rain could be acting opposite a tree, and he’d have chemistry with it. However, whenever he gets close to his leading lady, Krystal, their hotness sizzles up our screens!

While watching a street concert, Se Na is shoved against Hyun Wook by the crowd. Suddenly, they both appear to stop breathing. Of course, we did, too!


2. “Misaeng“: An open road

With any new drama, we risk wasting an hour (or more) of our life on the first episode, but five minutes into the premiere, we knew “Misaeng” would be special.

The first episode opens to the ancient mountain range of Jordan. As the tour takes us to a path flanked by curved rock walls, a voice narrates: “A road opens as you tread along it. A road that doesn’t open isn’t a road. Roads are open to everyone, but not everyone can have the roads.”

We then follow a man along the lighted path, which leads to a mysterious figure. The calmness of the scene fades, giving way to the bustle of Amman and a dapper young man who’s searching for a Mr. Seo. He is Jung Gu Rae, and his arrival stirs up the already lively city as he chases Mr. Seo through crowds, across traffic, and on rooftops. His mark is within reach, but Mr. Seo jumps across another building and taunts Jung Gu Rae. It only takes him a few seconds to decide to take the same dangerous leap. Will he make it? Who is this confident young man?

My K-god! Is this an episode of “Covert Affairs”? This is one of the most exhilarating openings for a K-drama we’ve seen. It’s five minutes awash with mystery and action in an exotic land, an experience usually reserved for the big screen. This is the way to hook viewers, who’ve gone in believing this would be a simple comedy about office workers. This intro sets the stage for the rest of the story, which, so far, has been equally gripping!


3. “Misaeng“: The tears just won’t stop

We love a good underdog, and Jang Geu Rae is the kind that makes our hearts bleed.

He works in a place where employees don’t bother to hide their disdain for someone who gets hired based on a recommendation and not abilities. He becomes the target of his fellow interns, and when they are sent to an off-site factory on the outskirts of town, not only is he made to perform the task without a partner, they don’t tell him when they are called back into the office.

We tried to stifle our tears when the factory owner tells him that his co-workers have long since left, but we finally lost it when they call him and he hears them laughing and insulting him at the other end of the line. We cried so badly that we couldn’t even pretend there was something in our eyes.

Damn you, interns!


4. “My Spring Day“: For their own good

Almost as soon as Bom Yi and Dong Ha have begun their relationship, their families try to prevent their happiness “for their own good.”

In the face of such strong disapproval, there was no rebellion from our leads, only an expression of desperation and yearning. Dong Ha, who makes Bom Yi feel happy to be alive for the first time, is unable to endure turning his back on her.

We wish their families could understand the depth of the couple’s feelings for one another and just get behind them!


5. “Tomorrow Cantabile”: I think I’m falling in love?

What’s so charming about seeing someone asleep?

When Naeil finds Yoo Jin wasted and dozed off outside her apartment, she sneaks in some skinship, cuddling him against her chest.

Now we understand why some K-dramas have drunk guys!


6. “Modern Farmer“: I’m rich!

Min Ki is a failed musician who gets more mail from debt collectors than fans. He thinks his luck is about to change when he attends his mean grandmother’s funeral and learns that she’d left him some land. He does a mental calculation and determines that it is worth a truckload of money. His reactions are very animated and hilarious, but what makes the scene even funnier to us is the knowledge that he’s absolutely wrong!


7. “The Three Musketeers“: Don’t even dream of it!

Crown Princess Yoon Seo got drunk and begged to be freed from her loveless marriage. Some time later, treacherous Kim Ja Jum comes up with a plan to exact revenge on his enemies by framing the princess. Crown Prince Sohyeon springs into action and asks his wife to leave the palace till he’s put things back in order.

Given her previous request, her departure isn’t joyous as she finds herself lingering in the place she’d called home for five years. Her husband notices her reluctance to leave, and she explains that her departure feels permanent. He smiles and points out that if that happened, it would be exactly what she wanted; he then reassures her that her dream will definitely not come true.

We hate the prince’s unaffectionate ways, but our hearts are warmed by the royal couple’s growing closeness.


8. “My Lovely Girl“: Stay calm and breathe deep

Who wouldn’t crush on a guy who gets all nervous to see us, so much so that he paces anxiously as he waits for us to show up?

Recently on “My Lovely Girl,” Shi Woo invited Se Na to his apartment to discuss writing a song. He was so excited about being alone with her that he had to take several deep breaths before he could open the door for her. We call that adorable!


9. “Iron Man”: Love that shows

Any scene with the cute Chang rarely fails to make us smile, but as lovable as the little boy is, Hong Bin has never been affectionate towards him. There’s no question that Hong Bin loves his son, but he’s been unable to show it. However, breakthrough came this past week when Hong Bin finally showers his kid with fatherly affection. Chang’s response couldn’t be more gratifying!


10. “Tomorrow Cantabile”: Daddy’s boy

Though subtle, Ryuken Mine’s love for his violinist son Ryutaro Mine was always palpable in “Nodame Cantabile.” We also appreciate that the Korean remake, “Tomorrow Cantabile,” explores more of this father-son bond, as we see Yoo Il Rak‘s dad dote on him as though he were still three years old, even letting him sleep in that he’s late for school. But Yoo Won Sang‘s desire for Il Rak’s happiness is even more evident when he stands outside his son’s door after quietly bringing him snacks during his practice. In the hallway, dad lingers in front of Il Rak’s door, his face infused with concern for his boy. In his room, Il Rak worries about failing his father. Awww. This just turns us into a messy puddle of mush!

If you aren’t watching “Tomorrow Cantabile” or the other shows we’ve covered, then we hope our favorite scenes will convince you to check them out soon.

Join the Couch Kimchi girls again next week when we share our new top 10!

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